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Becoming Better Haters

Updated: Jan 23

If Christian maturity could be defined by “loving well,” then Christian growth is seen by “loving better.”  But how about being better haters!

In Psalm 97:10 the psalmist said, “Let those who love the Lord hate evil.” 

Love and hate are roommates. When we love something we ought also to have an equal and proportionate hatred for that which opposes it. To the depth we love God, and his righteousness, there is also an equivalent hatred of evil. As we grow in our love for God and his righteousness we ought also to become better haters! Passionate lovers of God are also passionate haters of evil. 

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:8, there is “a time to love and time to hate.” As followers of God, I suggest that now is a very appropriate time we stand up to define and declare what we love and hate! Our value system is based on what we believe to be true… therefore we love in DEED and TRUTH.  

Here is our declaration of what we believe, what we value, and what we are praying for…

What We Believe:

  • Every human being is made in the image of God and is innately valuable to God.

  • Since every person is valuable to God they should be valuable to us.

  • Because every person is valuable to us every person should be treated with respect that reflects that value.

  • Respect for everyone’s value means we love every human being regardless of whether they look like us or think like us.

  • Loving people begins with our words… and so we Speak Up for what is right and what is wrong.

  • Sometimes words aren’t enough... Loving well requires we respond in deed (action) and truth (righteousness)!

  • Part of doing what is right is correcting what is wrong!

  • To become better lovers of God and good we must become better haters of evil!

  • Evil is anything, and everything, that violates Love.

  • God’s unconditional love is given to ALL of us, not BECAUSE we are so lovable, but IN SPITE of the times we are not!

What We Value:

  • We love God, therefore we hate Evil!

  • We love Justice, therefore we hate Injustice!

  • We love Impartiality, therefore we hate Racism!

  • We love Kindness, therefore we hate Abuse!

What We are Praying for:

  • Solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters because Black Lives Do Matter!

  • Healing in the grieving process for George Floyd’s family and friends, and for all who have been impacted by his brutal death.

  • Justice in the court system to punish abusive authority and in particular, those responsible for George Floyd’s death.

  • Repentance from the four officers charged with the killing of George Floyd.

  • Balance in our evaluations realizing not all Law Enforcement are “bad cops,” nor are they all good. 

  • Reconstruction of the Law Enforcement System to eradicate racism as seen in police brutality, all too often, inflicted upon the black community.

  • Police, to police their fellow officers when racism or abuse are involved

  • Measurable transformation in our social systems that discriminate.

  • Support for Freedom of Speech and the right, and sometimes obligation, to peacefully protest injustice

  • Protection for the Police, peaceful protestors, and the innocent from those inflicting violence and property damage.

  • That enough will be enough… that peaceful protests and calls for justice do not cease till enough has been done to change these ills of society.

  • That we all look deep inside ourselves to discover if we are harboring any evil that may be masquerading behind some ill-informed prejudice.

  • That we, as Lovers of God, may become better Haters of Evil… instead of people.

Silence can be a form of compliance. Let’s keep the dialogue alive in regard to ensuring social justice.

– Pastor Dan

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