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Updated: Jan 23

Read these testimonials about how these ladies at Hope Gardens are falling in love with Jesus… but first get a box of tissues because you are going to need them…

The single mothers who land at Hope Gardens usually arrive hurting and hopeless. Many have fled abusive relationships with men. Many of them have been disappointed by what they thought was love.

All the ladies attend a 20-week class I teach about the Essentials of the Faith. The first ten weeks we consider as ten dates with Jesus to get to know him and understand his heart for them. I want them to know that they are God's love interest. At the conclusion of those ten weeks of this session there were eight ladies who wanted to say “I do” to Jesus to become his bride.

The second ten weeks we consider the ways in which they can grow deeper in love with Christ (Basic Christian Disciplines). It’s remarkable to see how the Spirit of God ministers to them through God’s Word. They find healing for their hurts and Hope takes root in their hearts. Here are their words about what they see God doing in their lives.

“I did not realize how valuable I am to God. I did not think that there is a reason why I am here. God created me for his purpose. I am loved, valued and through him I can do anything. When Pastor Dan spoke of how we are all created for a purpose and explained the reason why it made me feel happy because it was true.

I have a talent or gift God gave me and instead of focusing on what I am struggling with I can focus on change, progress, my mental health, my emotional struggles, and my challenges. I can know for a fact and accept and own my mistakes led me here at Hope Gardens. I want to overcome my challenges or manage them by remembering God’s affirming words to me. I’m valued. I’m smart.

God is giving me another chance. He gave me a voice to sing but I do not use it because of my challenges. I’m loving, kind, caring, and bubbly. I’m also sometimes emotionally overwhelmed. I’m sensitive these qualities are both strengths and weaknesses but with the help of the Lord I can overcome and become healthy emotionally and mentally so when I get my children back I will be stronger.” - Liberty

“Being in Pastor Dan’s class has enlightened me and reassured me that saying YES to God was probably the most important choice I will ever make. I admire how he breaks things down and relays theology in a way where it’s relatable and heart-warming. My confidence in God has soared and I understand my worth. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!

I had already made the choice to remain single until God blesses me with who HE has for me, and I’m thankful for Pastor Dan’s advice about dating and waiting on God’s Best!

Thank you, Pastor Dan, for your prayers outside the classroom and your devotion to ensuring we understand how awesome God is. Also, for reiterating to us how gently God wishes to handle us and just be in communion with us." - Kassandra

“I have learned so much in this class. It thought me how to reconnect with God. And my heavenly father has done so much in my life today. I have been clean for 18 months, got my kids back, and now I am also healing from my past traumas. And it’s all through God that I am getting better understanding about life and the Bible.” - Perla

“I came here cheating the system, still using, without my kids, in a very toxic romantic relationship, and with no realistic dreams in place for my life. I have been so overwhelmed with appreciation because no one has ever taken care of me and my family, like the staff here. I got my kids back, I’m clean and sober, I have money saved, I’m working on being the best mom I can be and I have goals to be in the military and finish college… and I only have God to thank and people who give back. I will never go back to my old life.” - Jennifer

“The Lord has changed me so much. I really thank God for Pastor Dan’s class. He taught me to build a better relationship with God and I since I have now done that my relationships with everyone else have gotten better too. Since his class I have gotten a better understanding with the Bible and I’m very grateful for Pastor Dan and his teaching.” - Lanisha

“I have learned that God is the CEO and I’m here to partner with God. I learned that if I surround myself around people who have fire for God that it will stimulate my love for him. I also learned about the consequences of the fall and how I need to show my kids the consequences if they brake rules as well. I learned that I need to find a man that has a connection with God. I learned that I need to only worry about what God says and thinks, not what others think. I can’t fix my problems… only God can. I’ve learned to love God more because of this class. I realized that me praying, worshipping, reading, and learning verses of the bible is what I need to build my foundation.” - Anonymous

“I stopped having an affair with God and made him my husband! I am deeply in love with him and want more intimacy and become completely surrendered.” - Tryphena

“God has showed me that no matter the mistakes I’ve done he loves me and my children.

I’ve seen domestic violence growing up being sexually abused by a friend of the family and my father. I ran away from that situation seeking a better life but I walked into a relationship that brought me more domestic violence and sexual abuse. That led me to five children but on October 15, 2019 my baby passed away after three days of being born. I made a mistake of doing something that my kids had to be placed in foster care.

My faith in God still hadn’t improved but taking Pastor Dan’s class has helped me see that God wants us and he as a purpose and that I came from a dysfunctional family but his love for me has not changed. I know I need more healing but like the verse in Luke says, What’s impossible with man is possible with God!

I gave shared my heart with God and I slowly see the blessings. Hopefully, God willing, my kids return home. There’s more I will love to share but this is the most recent reveal. Oh may I say He has helped heal the relationship between me and my mother. GOD IS AMAZING!" - Alejandra

“Since being in this class I’ve learned God’s design for my life and my hope has been restored. Even though I still stumble and fall I know that God’s grace is above all and when I said YES to him I was born anew. Pastor Dan has taught us our worth, and that we were made in God’s image. I’m a lot more hopeful in my future and I’m also bringing my kids closer to God." - Johnisha

“This class has helped me be closer to God in my everyday life. I have already been baptized but I have rededicated my life again. My son, Dakota also has more faith.” - Brandy

“I have always had a hard time accepting the good that God has for my life. I have always felt unworthy of it. In this class I have learned to get over myself… that’s there’s more than one way to deny God… that I’ve been putting myself above God… that to reject accepting him for all he has done for me is also bad and self-centered… that thinking that my problems are bigger than He is… that my thoughts are extremely laughable… that I’m stuck because of myself, not because of God… that he will never force himself on me… that I need to get over myself so that God can get to work on my life… that I have done a horrible thing trying to be a control freak that I am… that the quicker I let go and let the most powerful and capable one take over and fix everything I ruined, messed up, damaged, and plain out put out of control for no other reason but my own insanity… that God has always been there for me even when I spun my whole world out of control being so desperate to join him thinking ending my life would get me there faster… again, extremely laughable mentally.

I’m here today learning my place and learning to give him his place in my life. Thanks to Pastor Dan I am learning to accept what I always wanted yet always pushed away… family love… Love, where you are accepted for who you are and want you to be a part of his family. Thanks to this class I achieved the best mile stone as a mother as my son accepted God into his heart because he saw his mom yield to God too.” - Ana

Please keep these ladies in your prayers.

If you would like to send an encouraging email to any of these Hope Gardens mothers please send via email to

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