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What drives you? How driven are you? When you are driven you will go the extra mile… but will you go 375 miles?

Phoenix is 375 miles from Los Angeles. That’s how far Gina drove to create a Deed and Truth House2Home experience for Dominique and her family.

After graduating from Hope Gardens, Dominique decided to move her family to Phoenix where the cost of living is significantly more manageable for a single mother. We wanted to help make her house a home but Phoenix is… well… 375 miles away! Enter Gina.

Gina is a faithful member of the Deed and Truth H2H team. Gina is also emotionally connected to these women, having served as the Children’s Coordinator at Hope Gardens during the time Betty was the Director there. Gina serves at all the move-ins and even buys used furniture and refinishes the pieces herself.

Gina has relatives in Phoenix. When she heard Dominique had moved there she contacted her relatives and recruited their assistance. We told Gina, if she was willing to go to Phoenix, and rally her family, then Deed & Truth would give her the budget to make Dominique’s house a home.

Gina began to find bargains around town. She began to refinish some of them. Then once she had rounded up a household of things she personally drove a truck 375 miles to Arizona. Upon arriving in Phoenix she gathered her family and they transformed Dominique’s empty house into a home.

Gina says she is driven to serve in this ministry and to refinish the furniture because it is a therapeutic reminder that she too has been transformed and redeemed for useful service. She takes old furniture that others find no value in and transforms it with her loving hands to make it useful and valuable to transform a house into a home for a single-mother whose life Christ also transformed at Hope Gardens.

This past week we had another graduate move to Phoenix. Her name is Patty. Gina couldn’t go in person this time so Deed and Truth supplied the funds for Gina to find furnishings on Craig’s list. Then she created a route for Patty and her helpers to make pick ups at 12 locations around the city. Deed and Truth rented a Uhaul truck and Patty (and friends) picked up the furnishings Gina had found. Many of the people Patty met wanted to hear her story and ended up giving her even more items for her home free of charge. At the end of the day, Patty’s heart was as full of encouragement as the truck was as full of furniture.

Gina is driven to express the love of Jesus by serving on the House2Home team. She finds great pleasure in her service because every piece of furniture she refinishes for every home we transform is her act of worship in gratitude for her own redemptive story.

We thank God for Gina, our beloved friend, and tireless H2H team member. And we thank God for all of you who support this ministry. Please pray for Dominique and Patty as they begin their new journey in their first ever houses made into homes by your gifts of compassion.

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