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Taking Steps in the Right Direction

Updated: Jan 23

We may not be the problem with racial tensions but we might be the solution.

We want to offer a special thanks to Pastors John Whaley and Ed Robinson for sharing their experiences and insights into Racial Reconciliation the past few weeks.


  1. EXPOSURE (Intentionality to learn about the history and severity of racial injustices)

  2. GRIEVE (Empathize with the suffering of those who have been wronged)

  3. VALUE (Care to right the wrongs)

  4. PRIORITIZE (Rework your schedule to commit to being a part of the solution)

  5. PERSONALIZE (Build racial relationships into your lifestyle)


  • Partner with Deed and Truth on strategic outreach efforts to help the Black community such as Compton Initiative Work Days (

  • Sponsor (intentionally play a role at the ‘decision table’) to help a Black student with internships, funds for books/tuition, or do business with a ‘qualified’ African American-owned company to provide needed services.

  • Females are encouraged to join the women’s prayer group next Saturday, July 18 at 10am. (310) 372-7549 / Code: 478 426

  • Donate to the African American Alliance Fund, which helps to connect allies to the African American community through education and philanthropy (

  • Read Robin Diangelo’s book titled, 'White Fragility.’

  • Check out 100 Black Men of Orange County (

  • Learn more about the Black Wall Street Massacre: (

  • Rosewood Massacre: (

We will be holding one more call in event on Saturday, July 25th from 9:00-10:00am for the purpose of answering questions you submit for John and Ed.

Please send your questions to:

Call: (310) 372-7549 / Code: 478 426 / Reminder to mute your phones.


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