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Understanding Trauma

Updated: Jan 23

People experiencing homelessness, although they have varying stories, all have one thing in common… they have been traumatized. Those who want to help the hurting need to understand the devastating effects of trauma

Homelessness always brings trauma. Trauma always brings severe struggle. Understanding this common thread can make the difference between helping or hurting the needy.

Given trauma has emotional, psychological, and spiritual impact on a person Deed and Truth is adding a Christian Psychologist to our team. Meet Kim Dodd who will contract with Deed and Truth to assist in training mentors and volunteers as well as a counselor to the ladies and families we serve as they transition out of homelessness and into more independent living.

Kim Dodd is a therapist, writer, wife, mom, and Christian. Four years ago, when God called her family to Los Angeles, she gave up her private counseling practice in Indiana and adjunct teaching at a private university to set out and see what God had planned. Since being in Los Angeles, Kim has actively worked as a Pastoral Counselor at Village Church in Burbank and as a Lead Chaplain at Hope Gardens, while pursuing the licensure for the state of California.

Kim has extensive experience working with churches, Pastors and their families, trauma, PTSD, addiction, grief, and much more. She was a consultant for the Missionary Denominations North Central District that oversaw 70 churches and provided counseling and care to the congregations and Pastors. Kim has also been a guest speaker at the University of Notre Dame Right to Life weekend, marriage retreats, parenting classes through the local churches, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and more.

Kim has been married for 23 years and has three teens, two at home and her oldest son is in the Navy. She loves reading and learning, taking long walks on the beach or hiking any of the many trails in LA, along with serving as the president of her daughters swim team. Her youngest son has a rare genetic and neurological disability that has required many years of praying, tears, research and loneliness. Kim commonly tells others that her youngest, “redefined parenting and life as we know it”.

Kim came to know Jesus Christ as her personal Lord & Savior at 17 years old while serving at a camp in Colorado. It was at this time she made the personal decision to draw the line in the sand and change her own family dynamics. Having grown up in the church and being disillusioned by it, she became passionate to help others strive for marriages and families that included an authentic relationship with Christ. During her undergrad, where she received her degree in Social Work and Youth Ministry, she decided to go on to graduate school and officially help others. During Graduate School, she developed a passion to practice with the belief that her Theology informs her Psychology and that often times, therapy is an extension of the discipleship process. Throughout all her years of professional and academic growth, she has dedicated her faith to discipleship that also involves emotional healing and authenticity.

Kim is currently providing counseling to our House2Home families and preparing training sessions to come alongside Deed and Truth volunteers who desire to mentor those transitioning out of homelessness or those who just want a better understanding of the destructive effects and coping patterns that trauma heaps on all the precious souls experiencing homelessness.

Please pray for Kim, her family, and her ministry with Deed and Truth. We will keep you up to speed on the virtual training sessions and resources that Kim will be bringing to us in the coming weeks and months.

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