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Unity in Diversity

Updated: Jan 23

God is seeking to BIRTH something new and GROW us up. He wants to move us from Racial Discord to Racial Reconciliation.

We are asking God to:

  • Move us from being Opinionated to being Open-Minded & Teachable

  • Move us from being quick to speak to quick to listen

  • Move us from being strictly Cognitive & Intellectual in our knowledge to becoming more Empathetic & Experiential in our Understanding

  • Move us from understanding of our minds to understanding in our hearts

  • Move us from being Proud-Defensive to Humble-Vulnerable

  • Move us from being apathetic & reactive to being passionate & proactive

  • Move us from being fearful & controlling to being trusting & loving

God is seeking to BIRTH something new and GROW us up

  • Re-disciple the Evangelical White Church to exercise Emotional Muscles

  • Racial Reconciliation = requires that we FEEL the SUFFERING of OTHERS

In an effort to help connect diverse communities Deed & Truth is sponsoring a series of special phone events we are calling… Racial Reconciliation: Unity in Diversity.

Yesterday we heard from Pastor John Whaley of Los Angeles about his story and his insights into this critical topic. Here is our next phone event:

Saturday, July 11th from 9:00am-10:00am

With Pastor Ed Robinson of Hope in Christ Church in Compton, CA

Here are Pastor John’s recommendations for learning more about this topic as well as his suggestions for being proactive:

Books That Could Help You Gain Some Perspective:

  • Before the Mayflower by Lerone Bennett Jr. Fourth Edition; Published in 1969

  • Black History A Reappraisal by Melvin Drimmer; Published in 1968

  • Roots by Alex Haley

Movies That Could Help You Gain Some Perspective:

  • Amistad.

  • Glory.

  • A Soldier’s Story.

  • Selma.

  • 12 Years A Slave.

  • The Help.

  • American History X.

  • Hidden Figures. 

  • Roots the television miniseries of the Mid-1970s (Can Purchase Through Amazon).

YouTube Videos That Could Help You Gain Some Perspective:

  • The Blue Eye, Brown Eye Experiment of Jane Elliott.

  • The Greenwood Tulsa Riots of 1921 of 60 Minutes News

  • The Elaine Arkansas Massacres “The Red Summer of 1919.

YouTube Biblical Teaching About Overcoming Racism:

  • Dr. Tony Evans, Kirk Franklin, Pastor Robert Morris, TBN President Paul Crouch Jr.

  • The Rubin Report. Dave Rubin and syndicated Radio talk host Larry Elder have a candid discussion about the black lives matter movement, racism, and the real problem facing the African-American community.

Things you can do now that will make a difference over time.


  • First examine yourself about any, prejudice, biases, bigotry,stereotyping, attitudes, fears, resentment, unforgiveness, jealousy or envy towards a minority person that you know or knew.

  • Pray for opportunities so you can make a difference, instead of being more the problem.

  • Pray for courage consistency compassion, to overcome intolerance, hate, anger, being judgmental, apathetic, Indifference, or procrastination.

  • Pray about Initiating new friendships or cultivating old friendships with one who is a minority.

Fellowship and attend a Minority Church as often as possible.

Volunteer, Support & Donate regularly Minority owned businesses, Ministries, churches, Shelters, Youth organizations and Youth ministries.

Drop in and make a purchase at Minority-owned establishment

Hire and pay well Minority contractors, food services, cleaning services, maid services, babysitting services.

Financially support or invest in a minority student or student, who are in college, getting ready to go to college who are going to graduate school, or who are in graduate school.

Be willing to tutor or mentor a minority student.

If you are a business owner, CEO or president of a company, Review your hiring practices and give favorable opportunities for minorities to be considered.

Try to learn more about certain incidents and issues that have occurred in the past that still affects the present.

  • The zoot suit riot’s of 1943 Mexican Americans in Los Angeles.

  • The internment of Japanese Americans in 1940’s

  • The American Indian Reservation Problems.

Pastor John has offered to engage one-on-one with anyone interested in further discussion. Here is his contact information:

Pastor John Whaley


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